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This brokerage service is a joint effort between two of the most respected brokers in Europe: WH SelfInvest S.A. and Swissquote Bank Europe S.A.

Two brokers

In this joint offer, WH SelfInvest provides its very popular value added services, whereas the accounts are held by Swissquote Bank Europe.

Your account is held in Luxemburg, a AAA rated country and the 2nd biggest financial services center in the EU. The reliable regulatory environment safeguards the interests of every private investor.

Value added services

Clients also have FREE OF CHARGE access to a broad range of value added services provided by WH SelfInvest. These services are automatically activated when the account is opened.

Specialist e-mails

  • Weekly DAX and Dow market analysis written by a specialist
  • Updates on all instruments during the week
  • Weekly stock pick based on technical analysis
  • Monthly update of a stock portfolio based on the most popular analyst picks
  • Monthly update of four stock portfolios based on a Nobel Prize winner's theories

Free market news

TechScan tool – Automated analysis

Unlimited access to the popular TechScan. The tool performs all the analyses based on statistics, indicators and strategies. The user picks the best from the results.

Automated technical analysis tool.

TechScan e-mail

Shares of the US and European markets in a comprehensive overview with clear arguments and beautiful illustrations.

Quality webinars and seminars

Unlimited access to all webinars and seminars. There are always several hundred viewers present during a webinar. Many of the webinars are presented by well-known traders and investors. Many different topics are covered. Both beginners and experienced active investors always find interesting topics.

Investui alerts

Let your money work for you. The service sends e-mail alerts. The alerts are based on academically proven market effects. In one click an alert can be converted into a position. You can click yourself or opt for a managed account. The service generated +33% net return in 2020.


Free real-time quotes

Follow the markets and the value of your portfolio in real time.

Documentation & Information

The accounts for this service are held by Swissquote Bank Europe S.A. In their document centre interested readers can find all the relevant documents related to their services.

Clients pay exactly the same fees as Swissquote Bank Europe clients. There is no upcharge. WH SelfInvest and Swissquote share the fees paid by clients.  

System maintenance

Please be aware of a potential maintenance window usually during the weekend. During this time whole or part of the system may not be available. The precise time and the duration of the maintenance are not always known in advance.